Once you have listed your property with ALL ACCESS  and all marketing is done including the photos, script, floorplan and it is live on the internet, we will then contact all the agents in the local area seeking buyer interest including our own. This will be done via email/text/phone and sending them the link on our website.

All offers for your property will be then submitted to you for your consideration including other agents offers in your local market place

The Strategies All Access will use:

Private Sale

Sale By Date



The good news is even after launching your property and throughout the campaign, all other agents with interest will still be able to refer their buyers to All Access giving everybody a chance to secure a sale.

Agents from other agencies can even send their buyers to one of our OFI’s and register them with All Access. Our goal is to draw as many buyers to your property as possible by minimising restrictions and restraints and therefore providing your property with the maximum possible exposure to ensure the highest rate of return is achieved.