At ALL ACCESS RealEstate we are here to change the game and introduce a new concept of business to the RealEstate industry!

As our name suggests, ALL ACCESS provides the advantage of having just that, an all access approach to every real estate agent and agency in your local area at your disposal. We will promote your property traditionally on all marketing platforms using current real estate strategies with our point of difference being that your property will be introduced to all agents in the local area and therefore give you the highest rate of return on not only your property but also your investment in ALL ACCESS.

Our number one priority as a business is to ensure you receive the highest price for your property. Reversing the current outdated business model of the average real estate transaction, ALL ACCESS opens up your property to every single agent in the local area at no additional cost if you were to list your property with a single agent. ALL ACCESS is a newly developed system and the first of it’s kind in Australia for residential properties. Your One-Stop shop to industry knowledge, networks and customers that will broaden the concept of selling/leasing property and put the power back into the owner’s hand.

Get to know Mehmet Atesel, All Access CEO

“The only constant in any industry is change and those that can adapt to change, will survive the market.”

So what makes us special?

We will share big portion of our total commission with any agent’s representative or licensed estate agent in Victoria who refers a buyer and registers that buyer with All Access, and as long as that buyer has not been in contact with us. In most cases the shared commission is higher then what they are currently making therefore this is a lot more income for most agents in real estate for selling someone else’s listings. if they have a buyer they will be registering in droves.

Why be locked into one agent?

Most agencies in Victoria will not share commission at any cost even if it’s in the best interests of the vendor. At ALL ACCESS, we are shaking up the industry norm to provide our clients with the best outcome from our unique business model. Why be locked into one agent or agency when you can have them all?

Don’t let the industry dictate your result!

Currently the industry dictates, if you select an agency in your area then only that agency and its agents can sell your property. The flaw in this concept is there are hundreds of other perfectly capable agents in your local area who potentially have buyers for your property that are willing to pay a premium to purchase your property. At ALL ACCESS, any agent in Victoria can refer a buyer to your property and are actively encouraged to do so as our incentives for agents are highly competitive with market standards. This is the future of real estate and it is a pleasure for ALL ACCESS to provide this unique and first of its kind experience to Australian buyers and sellers who are active in the expanding real estate market.